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Cait of all Trades

As a creative person, I use design as a way to express myself and to influence others. I dabble in many areas of my expression from graphic design to photography to web design and even hands on crafts. The more passionate I am of a subject, the more I get lost in my work, and the more the work becomes a part of me.  I love those moments and take pride in my work.


I am an optimist and strongly believe that we are what we think. Our mindset is how we perceive the world. I am fortunate to be in a field where I can choose how I want my world to look.



When I grieve, I get creative. After loosing my best friend/childhood cat after 16 years, I found comfort from a woman who made me a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is infused with his ashes.


Now, I proudly offer the service to others, but in my own way, hoping to pass on the same sense of peace and closure that can be so hard to experience during the grieving process.

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Graphic Design

Designing is my focus. I love taking a concept and bringing it to life!
Some of the projects in the portfolio below contain links and 

The Chick Inn
The Chick Inn Tenders


In a flash, the moment can be gone. None of them last forever.

Capturing moments in life is important to me. Those memories can then continue to be cherished even after they have passed. 


Web Design

In our digital world, an online presence is essential. 


My experience in this area varies from freelance and personal projects to volunteer work with Animal Rescues.



Caitlin Jaird

• Graphic Designer • Photographer • Web Designer • Creator

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